The Fit Farm is currently closed whilst relocating to the Channel Islands. It will be relaunching in January as a Guernsey Based company providing Personal Training & Sports Therapy to island residents

Personal Training

What should you look for when choosing a Personal Trainer?

Choosing a trainer can be a tricky business, after all no one wants to waste their time and money by not getting the right fit.

In order to help you make that decision, we have listed what we believe to be the 6 most important factors to help you choose.

Carl Garton Personal Trainer

1 Experience.

Q. Does the trainer have the experience you need to help you reach your goals?

A. Check their website, read their bio and look at their testimonials. If in doubt, email them an enquiry and ask them.

2 Passion/Motivation.

Q. Is the trainer passionate about what they do, and do they pass that enthusiasm on to you?

A. This is something you can only tell face to face, have a consultation/ FREE trial session and it should be very obvious from the start.

3 Skills.

Q. Does the trainer have the skills and training you need to help you reach your goals?

A. Check their website, read their bio and look at their skill set, qualifications and testimonials. If in doubt, email them an enquiry and ask them.

4 Chemistry.

Q. Sometimes this is the most important of all attributes. Is there a good rapport and do you feel you feel comfortable being around them?.

A. Have a consultation and FREE trial session with them, that way you can see if it is a good fit without it costing you a penny.

5 Confidence.

Q. Do you have confidence in this trainer to get you your results and do they make you feel confident in your own ability?

A. Confidence involves a mixture of all of the above attributes and can only be measured after experience, have a FREE trial session and see how you feel at the end.

6 Value for money.

Q. Will you be getting the best 'return on investment' by going with this trainer?

A. Remember, cheapest is not always best as with trainers, as in life, you get what you pay for. There will always be cheaper alternatives but remember without the relevant SKILLS and EXPERIENCE, your progress will be far slower and not nearly as targeted to YOUR personal goals.

Not all trainers are born equal and real value for money comes when someone truly understands what you want and then drives you to achieve your goals and beyond.

After your FREE trial session you should have a good idea if the trainer you have chosen really understands what you want, and has what it takes to get you there!

What does training with the Fit Farm entail, and how much does it cost?

We normally train people from their homes (space dependant) or from a local park and bring a variety of equipment with us, although we do have the facility to use a Free Weights Gym if that is required.

We at The Fit Farm use a wide variety of training techniques to get you the results you want, from a mixture of Bodyweight and Kettlebell Training, Plyometric's and Swiss Ball, Strength Training and Core work, Boxing and Interval Training to Free Weights and Cardio Training. We will use the best and most relevant training techniques suited to your own personal goals, ability and the space available.

Please contact us for the fee schedule.

We start with a FREE Initial Consultation where we sit down with you and fill out a pre exercise questionnaire, then test your blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol and lung function and set some goals. From that we can devise a program that is best suited to achieving the results you want. After that, if you feel comfortable to proceed, we book a FREE trial session so you can see how we work and if it feels like a 'Good Fit'.

Book your FREE Initial Consultation today and start moving towards the Results you WANT!

Do you want to know more - then call 07770 421 261 or email now!

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