The Fit Farm is currently closed whilst relocating to the Channel Islands. It will be relaunching in January as a Guernsey Based company providing Personal Training & Sports Therapy to island residents


"Our Fit4Work Programme is a potentially life-changing process."

How much do you value your employees?

Think about the costs involved due to staff turnover.
Days off sick due to stress.
The stress put on a team when one member is on long-term sick leave.

Healthy, happy, fit employees tend to work harder and get more done. They have a can-do attitude, exactly what you need!

Show your staff just how much you value them by investing in their long-term health. Offer them the ultimate fitness programme:


  • Guaranteed: Stress is the No. 1 enemy of any company and any individual. We can help you reduce the effect it has on your employees and your company.
  • Guaranteed: Most of your staff will be thoroughly confused over what they should and should not eat, how and when they should exercise, how to correctly cope with stress, and many other issues that the media manage to mangle on a daily basis! Up til now, they've been fed with too much information from too many angles.
  • Guaranteed: FitFarm will start with a clean slate and provide your staff with the latest, most advanced expertise and training in three key areas: Fitness, nutrition and general health.
  • Guaranteed: FitFarm WILL make a difference!

"Attention to detail is paramount - no two people are the same so no two people are ever given the same advice, which is why this system works so well."

Our first step is to visit your premises and give an informative Powerpoint presentation, which takes no more than an hour. Once we've agreed the finer details, we visit again and 'sell' the concept to your employees. This is essential - it identifies staff who are willing to make improvements in their lives, sadly, some people just aren't willing to make positive changes, and you can't force them to! However, we do find that once the ball is rolling, those who originally rejected the idea do join in, simply because they see clear evidence that the programme is beneficial, and fun!

Each candidate undertakes a comprehensive personal assessment, which involves:

blood pressure
  • Medical questionnaire
  • Blood pressure and resting heart rate test
  • Cholesterol test
  • Blood sugar level test
  • Lung capacity test
  • Body fat analysis

Followed by an in-depth interview to discuss assessment results, at-risk areas and options that will help improve health and fitness levels, such as:

  • Personal Fitness Coaching
  • Group Fitness Training
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Nutrition and Dietary Guidance
  • Detox Strategies
  • Weight Management Strategies
  • Stress Management in the Workplace

Once an action plan is agreed with each candidate, their individual health and fitness programme can commence. Along the way, FitFarm's highly qualified professionals will provide a high level of support and encouragement to each member of staff you ask us to work with.

Can we help make your company fitter, stronger, and healthier?


"By identifying potential health problems now, you can help prevent those problems materialising in the future..."

Read what previous corporate candidates say about Fit4Work...


We have a strict non-disclosure policy; no candidate test results are seen by the employer. The only people to view the results are the candidate and ourselves at the end of the interview stage, after which the candidate takes the results home with them and we do not keep a copy.

If a candidate shows any symptoms of a serious condition, we refer them to their G.P; it is then entirely up to the candidate whether they choose to inform their employer.

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Weight Loss

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